Heavenly Hokkaido Getaway

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Those of us who love hot springs, wondrous lakes, and cultural escapades will absolutely adore explore Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. Cities like Otaru and Sapporo are also a highlight of this convenient yet economical five-day trip.

Day 1: Cultural Therapy

After Singapore and Bangkok, Chitose is next on the list. A stopover at Shiraoi Ainu village is delightful– the museum is an open-air wonder that is modeled on a village along the Lake Poroto. The next stop is Continue reading Heavenly Hokkaido Getaway

Myanmar Online Advertising Portal

Myanmar Online

When I first heard about Trading Myanmar, I thought it was a trading company from Myanmar. Then eventually I realized this is the brand name of a classified ad portal from Myanmar. This is not bad. Actually we can create our own individual accounts and post whatever we want to buy and sell, and some more it’s free. I’m not sure whether they got paid version or not, but anyway it’s free. So, I don’t care, LOL.

This ad portal seems to be like really not bad since I realized Continue reading Myanmar Online Advertising Portal