Myanmar Online Advertising Portal

Myanmar Online

When I first heard about Trading Myanmar, I thought it was a trading company from Myanmar. Then eventually I realized this is the brand name of a classified ad portal from Myanmar. This is not bad. Actually we can create our own individual accounts and post whatever we want to buy and sell, and some more it’s free. I’m not sure whether they got paid version or not, but anyway it’s free. So, I don’t care, LOL.

This ad portal seems to be like really not bad since I realized they post the most updated world news in a few hours after the case happened. I recently did a random search for a classified portal from Myanmar to source exporting my electronic gadgets, I happened to see the Singapore recent riot happened on that day. They updated in a few hours gab.

Actually, in fact this brand name ah, I don’t know what kind of parameter that google is using to measure whether this is brand name or this is trading company. So when you type “Myanmar Ad” then the website tradingmyanmar will pop up. I am quite curious for this mechanism and I think I will need to approach somebody who knows about Google Internet marketing.

Some more, I heard Myanmar is starting to open for economy and politics, however the development status is still not there yet. One of my Myanmar friends said that Internet connection is like snail speed. So, I was wondering then how people use Internet to find information and use ad portal like That’s weird isn’t it? I believe the development of a country is based on the solid infrastructure. So I asked my friend that his country has solid infrastructure. His answer is simple “I don’t know, and I don’t bother”. This is extremely wired. But anyway, I can tell Myanmar is slowly building up and sooner or later it will have many opportunities for many business sectors.