Most Unusual Travel Destination of 2019

The world is full of exciting places to explore, and if you are looking for an interesting travel location for your next vacation, here are three of the best for 2019.


Now that President Obama is re-establishing US relations with Cuba, this is a great time to visit the country. As yet, Cuba enjoys plenty of old-world mystique so taking a vacation here sooner rather than later is the best way to see the sights before they become too commercialized. Beautiful landscapes, historical buildings and cultural heritage – Cuba has it all. Old Havana is a World-Heritage listed site for its stunning cobblestone streets and Baroque buildings, while Varadero offers tourists a spectacular white sand beach and world-class diving opportunities. For a taste of Cuba’s verdant countryside, visit the Parque Nacional Vinales where you can enjoy hiking and horseriding among the plantations.


Nicaragua is slowly emerging as a tourist destination, but as yet, this little-visited South American country retains its natural splendour. Known for its beautiful rainforests, Nicaragua boasts splendid beaches and amazing wildlife spotting opportunities. The colonial city of Granada enjoys a spectacular location next to Apoyo Lagoon and is home to the traditionally brightly painted houses of the Victorian era. Surfers from all over the world are drawn to Tola, with its dramatic coastline, while watersports on Lake Nicaragua is an ever-popular pastime. For nature lovers, Ometepe Island offers the opportunity to get close to the natural wonder of the twin volcanoes with exciting hiking trails that offer panoramic views.


Investigate the heavenly sanctuaries of Bagan, Relax on a riverboat journey to Mandalay, Discover Burma’s ‘Gem City’, Trek through once in a while went by high country towns, Delve into the underground at Pindaya, Admire Yangon’s brilliant Shwedagon Paya

Fly out to Burma and find a nation of legendary scenes, old fortunes and a percentage of the friendliest society you’ll ever meet. From brilliant overlaid Buddhas in Yangon and the enchanted sanctuaries of Bagan to the quietness of Inle Lake, Burma will energize, awe and interest you. A visit to Burma is to encounter the South-East Asia of twenty years back, loaded with seldom-seen sights and eras of stories simply holding up to be told. Visit and find more Myanmar Travel Places.

Myanmar’s provincial style structures are at danger of being torn down, as per the Los Angeles Times. The nation was appended by the British in 1824 and like other colonized nations, obvious in its structural scene are leftovers of pioneer decide that area now a tremendous traveller draw.

Preservationists are attempting to spare these structures that are at danger of breakdown because of disregard and undermined by property designers.


For a truly unique vacation destination, why not choose the lesser-known African country of Namibia? The location for the filming of much of the new Mad Max movie, this dramatic destination, located in the south-west of the African continent, has plenty to offer the adventurous tourist. The Etosha National Park is an enormous game reserve where animal lovers can spot exotic creatures such as the elephant, white rhino and lion. See 6,000-year-old rock paintings at the Twyfelfontein UNESCO World Heritage Site and experience the spectacular Kalahari Desert with its stunning landscapes. The capital city, Swakopmund, still embraces its German heritage, boasting beautiful colonial architecture and traditional German pastry shops. This attractive city is also a great place to experience the thrills of motocross, camel riding and sandboarding on the surrounding sand dunes.