Your Next Travel Destination in 2018

A Little History

Have you ever heard of Burma? That was in the past. Today it goes by the name Myanmar. Located in Southeast Asia, this country boasts a rich tradition and culture. It has a population of over 54 million citizens. Its neighbours are India, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, and Laos.

Myanmar ToursSouth Myanmar travel is fun with a vast coastline along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Previously, the capital city used to be Yangon, but with the recent changes, Naypyidaw is now its capital city.

Myanmar Today

Myanmar has over 100 ethnic groups, and all have unique and diverse culture. Buddhist relics nominate this nation with several temples and pagodas spread throughout the country. Their largest city Yangon is a popular market destination for Myanmar tours. Be careful with the crazy traffic while you’re there.

Security has been beefed up in Myanmar, and the recent political stability has seen a boost in Myanmar travel. The economy seems to be doing equally well enough to support Myanmar tours.

Tourist Destinations in Myanmar

If you are more into street food, you’ll be overwhelmed by the many street food vendors in this town. This city has lakes and several parks as well as ancient monumental buildings that date back to the 6th century. Sounds like fun, right? Let’s jump on to the places you need to visit this year:

1. The ancient city of Bagan – This is where you will get to learn all about their history and culture as well as visit buildings that date several centuries back. The city has over 2,000 temples (and pagodas).

2. Irrawaddy River – You get to enjoy a cruise along the river and when you get to Inle Lake do some fishing. The villagers will be waiting in their colourful market offshore.

3. Bay of Bengal – The sandy beaches combined with the warm weather will give you one of the best beach experiences. Be sure to check in at Ngapali beach resort for fresh seafood dining and a cool palm trees breeze.

4. Mandalay Palace – Which dates back to the 19th-century is where you relax and get to dine with the lordships.

Other Key Festivities

January welcomes the Ananda Pagoda, a festival that involves craft markets and ceremonies. Then Thingyan is celebrated around April with water spraying that has a symbolic meaning to mark their new year. In July, Waso Moon festival kicks in to honour Myanmar’s monks. Around the same time is when the Burmese begin their lent season.

Myanmar Travels

The Bottom Line

While most people visit Myanmar around November to April, this country has activities for tourists all year round. The weather is warm throughout, but March to May gets super-hot while June to September gets super-wet with peak rainfall. If you’re looking for a family destination, then Myanmar tours are your ultimate destination. The many festivals and diverse cuisine in Myanmar will keep you entertained throughout your vacation.