Why you should be visiting Myanmar

Why people should be visiting Myanmar, as their holiday destination, especially tourists.

Myanmar second largest country in southeast Asia and also famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. If you visit Myanmar, you will see Myanmar’s cultural heritage in the place like Bagan, Mandalay, Mrauk U and also Myanmar’s natural beauty in Ngapali beach, Inlay lake, Ngwe Saung beach etc. There are also many places to travel Myanmar.


The main tourist destination is Bagan. Bagan is one of the biggest archaeological place in South East Asia with thousands of pagodas. Seeing sunrise and sunset in Bagan is famous among tourists and you will never regret to visit Myanmar when u see it. Hotels in Bagan are also famous and you can enjoy full of Myanmar culture. Bagan is one of the magical places in the world. There is also Myanmar balloon ride, which is certainly an adventurous memory for you.

And the second one is Ngapali beach, with a number of resorts and traditional fishing villages to visit. You can enjoy and relax in Ngapali by taking trips on Fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving and also enjoy the sun.

The third one is Inlay lake, the second largest lake In Myanmar and located in Shan State. Inlay lake is also known as Floating Village. Houses and Buddhist temples rise above the water. It’s also famous for Floating market. Villagers from Inlay come to sell the local product and vegetables in this market.

Myanmar is famous for its traditional breakfast Mote-Hin-Khar. This is the breakfast you should eat when you visit Myanmar. Mote-Hin-Khar is locally still divided but most of the tourists like this. And the next famous regional food and drink is tea leaves, green tea from Shan State. The salad of tea leaves is very delicious and the smell of Shan State’s green tea is very nice. These foods have the memorable taste for you till you leave from Myanmar.

There is too many attractions place to travel in Myanmar, every places and city in Myanmar has its own culture and natural beauty. Myanmar’s traditional breakfast, regional foods will be the memorable taste for you. You will never regret to travel to Myanmar.